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About Chelsea


“Who am I?” is always a strange question to answer, especially when I am more than likely just like yourself.  Besides being a photographer I’m also a mother, a wife, a cat mama, a friend and neighbor.  Part observer, part day dreamer, part explorer, and part collector.  I’ve always had a knack for imagining beautiful narratives about stranger’s lives, building’s left abandoned, and landscapes uncharted all while all letting each reveal their true nature to me.   Photography allows me to have these small love affairs with my subjects.    My background in photography started in a high school darkroom where discovery was an art form, and most recently I graduated from Boston University CDIA photography program Georgetown campus.   My focus is on the honest, candid, and often overlooked moments delivered with a unique sense of style.  My approach is very photojournalistic and editorial at the same time. Every emotion and every detail matters!  Basically, everyone and every place has their story to tell, and I want to help document it to let you relive it as many times as your heart desires.